At the Bwindi Impenetrable National Forest With Darius TV

On a Bwindi adventure!

As a blogger, I got an invite from the Founder and Host of Travel With Darius TV; Darius. The team (Darius TV) travels to explore new cultures, new people, new foods, build relationship, and so forth. In addition, it gives a chance to those that want to experience an adventurous life. They participant in a few programs or answer a few questions where the winners get the chance to be featured on the show.

Of recent, a friend and a journalist in ‘crime’ of mine; Amia Pamela was to featured on the show.

The Journey
Journey begun from Kampala and the destination was Kabale. A ten (10) hour drive sitting our b**s on car cushions. It was tiresome though, but we made a few stops to refresh, relax, take a couple of picture, eat, to mention a few. Just like any road trip. Our first stop was in Masaka, then Mbarara, Rushenyi, Kabale town, Rubanda, Muko, and finally, Gorilla Safari Lodge; for our accommodation.

From Gorilla safari lodge to Bwindi was a 40 min drive.

The Accommodation and Meals
For Three days we spent in Bwindi, our stop was at the Gorilla Safari Lodge. Amazing cottages, and food they had – was worth the pennies spent.

The Adventure
The adventure was awesome, went trekking, visited the communities showing our support for them. The second day of the trip, was gorilla trekking. Hiked Bwindi seeing these amazing creatures. Bwindi is a 40 minute drive from Gorilla safari lodge. Reaching, Bwindi, we were briefed and after 10 minutes of waiting, we set for. It was a 5 minute walk to the starting point.

For an hour, our round (trekking) was done.

Visited a few communities around. We begun off with Rushanga community women’s group. The women showed us a few of the works they do, (hand crafted products), they later entertained us.

We finally headed out to see the ‘batwa’ community. They’re also commonly known as pygmies. They are an endangered group of people around areas of Echuya Forest Reserve in Kisoro and Kabale.

Third day, we headed ends of Kisoro, then back to Kabale where we concluded the 3 day journey.

Finally, the road was back to Kampala where we arrived around 1a.m. in the morning.

The Fun
The whole journey was documented and was aired on the Travel With Darius TV YouTube channel and on TV1 Rwanda.

And Yes! it was fun, period

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